Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chad and I recently got together with some freinds for a concert at the Granda Theatre on Greenville in Dallas.  They were filiming the band's live DVD at the concert so we dodged cameras all night. Hopefully this will be my big break-no autographs please!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who Will She Choose.....

Sooooo, my one horible, reality show addiction is to the ABC show The Bacheolor/The Bachelorette. Every season I have a finale party where my girlfriends with the same addiction can come watch and yell at the TV!!  This year my good friend Jodi had "Final Rose" cupcakes made for the night.  How cute-Thanks Jo!

Me, Jodi, Tina (and soon to arrive, Baby Hunter)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday honey!!

Chad's b-day was in late July and I had the bright idea of getting some of our friends together for a "surprise b-day dinner".  Chad is usually pretty in-the-know, so I was worried about him finding out.  This in mind, I casually mentioned that we should try out a restaurant at the new Harbor Center in Rockwall (just outside of Dallas).  They have built a small shopping center, restaurants, and other goodies right on the water overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard.....BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Little did he know, I had already made a reservation, contacted his friends-with strict orders to keep their mouths closed-and found a sailboat that takes moonlight cruises!! 
The big day arrived and I was soooooo excited that he seemed to be in the dark about everyone meeting us at dinner.  I accidentally forgot to map EXACTLY where we were going and got a little concerned Chad would miss his own party, but this worked out in my favor.  We almost got lost on the way there and I had to call the restaurant for EXACT directions....who knew the Harbor Center was so big?!?!  This threw Chad off the scent completely. 
We arrived for dinner and I hoped my worst fears would not be realized.....that the hostess would ruin the surprise by saying something about "everyone is waiting on us", "your just in time for the surprise" or that we would see someone in the parking lot.  Being the over-planner that I am, I called the restaurant several times during the week to change the reservation as RSVP's came in and to double-triple-check that they had "SURPRISE" written next to the reservation and not to say anything when we walked in!!  I should have more faith in people, I know, but when the 16 year old hostess is too busy texting to pay attention, I was a little worried.  But, when it was all said and done, Chad was truly surprised. 

  I think some people missed out on the photo opp, but thanks to everyone who came out to help Chad celebrate~you guys are the best!

Chad blowing out his candles

Miss Kella and her amazing creation....chicken on a stick! 
This is called her "I dont' want to smile" face.

The moonlight cruise on the Seawolf.  If you are visiting Dallas or live here, this is a wonderful
2-hour adventure and BYOB!  I wish everyone could have come on the boat, but it sold out in no time :(